Cops play psychological game to recover stolen gold chain | Nagpur News – Times of India

Nagpur: The cops on night round duty offered a different slice of policing at a wedding venue near Bahadura, Besa, to recover a gold chain weighing 7 tolas stolen by someone among the assembled guests and relatives in the wee hours of Thursday. Discarding their strict tone or tough stance, they employed a psychological ‘game’ and successfully recovered the stolen chain within an hour.
Sub-inspector Dilip Nagpure and his team were patrolling on the outskirts when control room diverted them to Vrundavan Marriage Lawn, as there was an alert call over gold theft. A pregnant woman, in her mid-20s, was in tears when the cops reached. She was complaining about the theft of her gold chain.
Nagpure said the theft had come to fore immediately after the bride and groom left the venue, and the wedding guests and the other relatives too were wrapping up before moving out. “The cops first asked everyone to settle down, and ensured no one could leave the place. We then asked whether anyone had left within an hour or so. The cops were told that everyone was present,” said the sub-inspector.
Nagpure said he decided to first try something different before starting his formal policing by registering a complaint, checking CCTVs, interrogations and so on. “I just said ‘Hum police hain. Humko sab maloom hai. Chor yahi hai aur hamare beech hi khade hai. Hume saab dikh raha hai par hum ek chance dena chahte hain. (We are cops, we know everything. The thief is here and very much standing among us. We can see everything, but we want to give the thief a last chance),” said Nagpure.
The sub-inspector said he devised the strategy to create psychological pressure and tried to make the situation dramatic to have an effect. “I told the relatives and their guests to queue up and showed them into a room one-by-one. We asked the relatives and guests to go inside the room with a bag and keep the gold chain under the cot and come back, if they have taken it. No one would know who has left it there, and no one will act against anyone,” he said.
After around 75% of the guests and relatives had gone into the room and returned, a cop yelled out that the gold chain had been found. “The chain was found lying on the sofa where the guests and relatives were standing. The owner of the chain was in tears when we picked it up and handed the chain to her. She thanked the cops and announced she was equally happy with the thief for being honest at least once,” said Nagpure.


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