Officiant in Toronto

Dr. Joshua Lam


Dr. Joshua Lam was an excellent Officiant! Would highly recommend him to anyone getting married, especially if you need the ceremony performed in two languages (he performed ours in both Cantonese and English). He was very responsive with his emails and met with us on a few occasions to walk us through the ceremony process. Dr. Lam also listened to our needs and was very accommodating, but also made recommendations that helped move the ceremony along smoothly. Our guests also loved him as he was able to engage the crowd a bit with his uplifting demeanor, which was perfect for a wedding ceremony.

Joshua Lam

Recommended Reviews

JC - January 2019

Dr. Lam is, in one word, professional. I’ve attended many weddings as part of the wedding party, and I’ve never met an officiant as good as Dr. Lam. What separates Dr. Lam from the rest, is how smooth he operates. From start to end, there were absoultely no hiccups. Even when he was switching between different languages, it was done perfectly without pause. In addition to his professionalism, Dr. Lam was also very personable and was great at crowd control. He started our day with exactly the right mood. We highly recommend Dr. Lam.

Reviews of Dr. Joshua Lam

Peng Peng - December 2018

I found Dr. Lam when I was looking for Mandarin speaking wedding officiant. From Dr. Lam’s personal website, I could tell he is very professional and responsible. I messaged him directly and got his reply really fast. On the wedding day, Dr. Lam arrived at the place 10 min. He’s very familiar with the ceremony process and he takes every detail super seriously. Even when he was doing the signatures, he asked me, my wife and our witnesses to witness him all the time. I was really impressed by his linguistic ability as well, since he’s proficient in multiple languages. Some of my friends who attended their friends’ ceremony before told me they had never seen a wedding officiant who can finish the ceremony in Mandarin. As well, Dr. Lam is so patient. He left enough time for us taking photos. Even my wife got tired with taking photos, Dr. Lam encouraged us to take more to keep this beautiful memory. I would really appreciate Dr. Lam for his profession and patience. Undoubtedly, I would recommend Dr. Lam to all my friends in the future.

Rev. Dr. Joshua C. Lam, 416-230-4180, Web site: http://www.DrJLam.com, Email: drjclam@hotmail.com