Ex-wife of groom who shows up to wedding in ‘inappropriate’ outfit is humiliated after the way everyone treats her | Gillian Sisley | NewsBreak Original

A woman who attended her ex-husband’s latest wedding, as her children were going to be there all dressed up, planned to make a statement to ruin the ceremony in some way. But the quick-thinking bride turned the tables and saved the wedding with her own petty revenge, and she’s written on Reddit about the incident.

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The author, who recently got married for the first time, had a small and intimate wedding, which set a very particular tone for the event, as she elaborates in her post:

“We decided to have a micro wedding, with just our immediate family there, around 10 people. My husband has a child with his ex, so sees her quite often for things related to my stepkid. We were always planning on inviting her to the wedding to see their kid all dressed up and to generally keep a good coparenting relationship.”

Choosing a guest list for a wedding is quite a tricky business, and with so many people having previous relationships before they find ‘the one’, that can complicate things further. It’s recommended that if a person has a good relationship with their ex, and especially if they have a successful co-parenting relationship, inviting them to the wedding may be a natural choice.

The author continues that before they could even formally invite her, the ex-wife declared to the groom that she would be attending. The couple was taken aback, but they let her know when and where the ceremony was. She continues:

“On the day, she showed up to our morning ceremony wearing the shortest dress I’ve ever seen, over stockings and suspenders (the suspenders could be seen for a good 6 inches before the bottom of the dress), skyscraper heels, nightclub makeup, and costume jewelry.”

The author later learned from mutual friends that the ex-wife had texted others to find out when they were arriving. The bride and groom hadn’t thought to let her know that the ceremony was going to be so small with only 10 people, since she’d invited herself, which resulted in the ex’s ‘revenge outfit’ backfiring on her:

“When they let her know it was family only and the reception was completely separate she began to panic a little. And I had the best petty revenge. I asked everyone to be EXTRA nice to her. Every time she tried to sneak away someone would engage her in conversation. She was extremely uncomfortable, and ended up sitting down with her coat covering her. The wedding went off without a hitch.”

The ex-wife was clearly embarrassed by her misstep, in particular when she was treated so well rather than causing some sort of scandal or drama with her outfit.

What do you think?

Was the author in the wrong for embarrassing the ex after she showed up in an obviously inappropriate outfit for the wedding day?

Or is she a hero for using the method of ‘kill them with kindness’ when her groom’s ex arrived with the intention of ruining their wedding, only to be thwarted by being treated nicely?

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