I’m a Target super fan – wedding items with $1 prices brides NEED to see

IT’S time to spend less on one-time wedding decorations.

Target fanatic Liz posted a video sharing the Target Bullseye dollar section items she found that are perfect to use for your wedding.

Target fanatic Liz found dollar spot items every bride needs to see


Target fanatic Liz found dollar spot items every bride needs to seeCredit: Instagram/@targetfanatic
They have a variety of small jewelry dishes


They have a variety of small jewelry dishesCredit: Instagram/@targetfanatic

Bullseye Playground is Target’s dollar spot section, with great seasonal decor, supplies, toys, and entertaining pieces.

After browsing through the dollar area, Liz rounded up the super cheap wedding items that EVERY bride needs to see.

The prices for each of these items range from $1-$5 in stores

First, she found white totes that read ‘wife of the party,’ and ‘the party,’ which could be great to bring to a destination wedding or to use for a bachelorette party.

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Similar to this, Bullseye Playground also had drinks koozies, and to-go wine glasses that say ‘wife of the party’ and ‘the party’ on them as well.

She then found little jewelry dishes.

One reads ‘I do’ and the other has an image of two rings on it.

These are the perfect little dishes for couples to leave their rings on when they sleep/shower and can know they’re in a safe place.

She found a great marble tray that can be used for display, and despite their cheap price, they look like they were bought for a pretty penny.

They can be used for displaying anything from photos to snacks or drinks.

The metal bucket she found with separators inside can be a unique way to display flowers in or around the wedding ceremony.

A clear riser from the dollar spot can be used to display the guest book, giving wedding guests the perfect spot to sign a note.

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Lastly, she found plastic shaker cups that can make for a quick and easy clean-up.

Viewers loved her finds, saying: “We need to hit up Target,” and “‘wife of the party’ bag is so cute!”

The metal bucket can be a great way to display flowers


The metal bucket can be a great way to display flowersCredit: Instagram/@targetfanatic
Target's clear riser is perfect for displaying your guest book


Target’s clear riser is perfect for displaying your guest bookCredit: Instagram/@targetfanatic

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