Magical decor ideas for a charming hill-side wedding

Surrounded by the tranquil mountains, crowned with big fat lush green trees, the background rhythms of birds chirping and of course, the calm gushes of wind- are you planning a hillside ceremony to officiate your love? The forest affair is just the perfect touch to enjoy your D-day in a dreamy gorgeous landscape. Right from palm, pine, or birch to wooden touch to boho rustic adornments- a wedding on hills is a gateway to start your new and fresh voyage in a heavenly way. If you want to tie the knot in such a calming destination, there here we bring you some décor ideas that will make your ceremony all dreamy.  

Statement greens

As soon as you hear the word hillside, your mind must pop up the images of uninteresting and monotonous lush greens? Isn’t it? Well, we can’t deny the greenery will be there but how to appear in your wedding venue is completely up to you. To make the landscape more beautiful and magical, simply transform the greens with a splash of elements like lanterns, bells and big yellow bulbs. If you are having a night ceremony, then don’t forget to drape the trees in fairy lights or bulbs for a touch of whimsy.

Statement greens

A floating mandap

This is one of the best off-beat things you can arrange in a venue enclosed by mountains. With a water body all around, a lit fountain, candles through the passage and big chandeliers are right enough to make your mandap look phenomenal. Your mandap is not floating in reality but it will depict the perfect illusion of the same as it is strategically fixed.

The botanical backdrop of big palms, dried leaves and alpine

Do you know what the perfect thing about leaves is? They not only bejewel your venue but also look extremely soothing while giving a calm to the eyes. A wall covered with big palms, dried leaves or small decorative alpine sets is something unusual and pretty. You can also go with different backdrop shapes like rounds or triangles. Cover it with personalised messages for a more enhanced look.  

The botanical backdrop

Wooden-chic table setting

Bohemian details are one of the prettiest ways to adorn the space of your dinners! Ditch the white tableware and go with stoneware plates with gold-tinted glassware, light brown rustic round table mat and gold cutlery for a complete aesthetic look. You can opt for rust-hued tables and chairs or place big palms atop the plates for a clean botanical appearance.

Wooden chic table setting

Basket lanterns for the ceiling

While danglers are quite a fashion but if you want to go with something few and far between then these woven baskets with bulbs inside are a sure-fire win for a hillside theme. These basket lanterns not only look gorgeous but also add up to the mountain vibes as they depict wooden texture.

Basket lanterns

These above-mentioned ways are definitely going to glam up your décor while making the space of your most important day all charming by the hillside. You can also pick up elements like mirror work and many more as per your liking.  

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