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A Scenic Micro Wedding on the Amalfi Coast

When Keith Lindsey Jr. met his work colleague Rosa in the summer of 2009, little did he know that he would get down on one knee and propose to her a decade later. Though the two were just friends during their shared time at General Motors, they went on their first date in 2013, when […]

The Dandelion Set the Scene for This London-Meets-Philly Micro-Wedding

News The couple self-united at John F. Collins Park then headed to the restaurant for their reception. Delivering the latest in style, inspiration, helpful tips and tricks, and everything else you need to know to plan the perfect Philly wedding. Razvan Iorga and Emiko Edwards at the Dandelion’s Dog Bar on their wedding day / […]

Meghan and Harry’s body language shows ‘marked non-verbal shift’

The body language expert added that the expression of sadness serves a purpose and is a non-verbal signalling system “that lets those around us know that we’re not okay”. “Reaching out and providing comfort or seeking solace and reassurance in others during times of intense grief or sadness is a very human reaction,” she pointed […]

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