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Who should you invite?

It is tradition that everyone who is invited to your engagement party should also be invited to your wedding.

But there is an exception to every rule. In this case, if you decide to host your own wedding and keep the list small, you might want to throw a larger engagement party. The key here is to let everyone know that this is what you have in mind so that people don’t feel on the outer or that they have done something to upset you when they don’t receive a wedding invitation.

Try to make the guest list a balance between you and your partner’s friends and family, so that one side isn’t dominant. Often, this is the first time before your wedding that all of these people will mix together, and ideally, you want them to mingle and get along!

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Engagement party etiquette you need to know

Congratulations on your engagement! A party can be the ideal time to announce the news to your nearest and dearest. We have the answers to all of your questions about engagement party etiquette.


Everyone is aware of the hens and bucks and all of the fun and frivolity that can go on there, but who do you invite to an engagement party? Do you receive gifts? Who should throw the party? These are all common questions, so we have brought the answers to you so you can brush up on engagement party etiquette before the event.

Who should throw the party?

Traditionally the parents of the engaged couple will host the party. But a number of factors could impact on this, such your partners family living in another state or even country. In this case, you might opt to have one engagement party hosted by willing parents, or even have one with each family so that no one misses out.

If you are having multiple parties, you should invite guests to only one party, not both.

If neither of your families are close by, you can opt to hire a venue.

That said, this is the 21st century and if you are having a destination wedding or elopement and would like a big celebration for your engagement instead, you can take on the responsibility yourselves so you can celebrate with everyone.


Private Party

Celebrate your important moments with Private Party Space.
Crystal Chiavari Chairs & Tables
For a more traditional occasion,
fully decorated with vintage furniture. Hire of the Espace decorated private studio. Designed backdrops with flower arrangements.

*Liquor Licence is NOT included – Special Occasion Permits: Private Event


Your wedding anniversary is special. It’s your chance to express your token of appreciation for the valuable time you’ve spent with your other half. So why not celebrate with a wedding anniversary getaway? Instead of organizing a short-lived party, you can enjoy a weekend away in one of our lovely party house rentals with all of your favorite people under one roof. Take a look at the stunning private party venues we have to offer and choose the one that best suits your tastes!

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  • The name of a first anniversary in year one is Paper. Gifts can include stationery and a modern alternative is a clock.
  • For year 2 it’s cotton, but giving china is also acceptable.
  • Year 3 is called leather and a present can include crystal or glass gifts.
  • Year 4 is Linen, the traditional gift, but modern equivalents include fruit and flowers.
  • For year 5 the name is wood but a gift of silver may be more welcome.
  • Year 6 is called iron but sugar or confectionery make a tastier gift – a perfect opportunity to celebrate with cake or cupcakes!
  • Year 7 is Copper and a woollen or knitted garment is also appropriate.
  • The name for year 8 is Bronze with gifts including pottery.
  • Year 9 is Willow, but unless you plan on giving a present for the garden then linen or lace are good ideas.
  • Year 10 is called Tin so something like a set of designer storage containers might work. The modern version is diamond.
  • Year 11 is Steel and you could find steel jewellery or an ornament.
  • For year 12 you shouldn’t have too much trouble finding a gift of Silk.
  • The name of year 13 is Lace but gifts can include other textiles such as table linen.
  • On to year 14 and this one is called Ivory. Obviously one would not be expected to give a gift of real ivory these days, so the answer is to choose something that’s either ivory in colour or pick out some gold jewellery instead.
  • Year 15 is quite a landmark and the name is Crystal with an alternative gift of a pair of watches.
  • There are no official names for the years 16, 17, 18 and 19 so the next milestone is 20 years. The name is china so crockery or an ornament are obvious choices with platinum for those with a bigger budget.
  • The anniversaries are now only named for each 5 years and the next one is 25. This is probably the most well known as a silver anniversary.
  • This is followed by Pearl for year 30, Coral for year 35, Ruby for year 40, Sapphire for year 45, Gold for year 50, Diamond for year 60, Blue Sapphire for year 65, Platinum for year 70 and finally Oak for year 80.
  • There is currently no name for a 90th anniversary, but maybe one day there will be!