35 wedding favour ideas that we guarantee your guests will not leave behind

Deciding on wedding favours can be a tricky decision for engaged couples. You want them to fit your personalities and show appreciation to your guests, as well as being mindful of budget and minimal waste (how many favours get left behind on the tables by mistake?). So, if you’ve decided your wedding tables won’t be complete without these complementary small gifts, you’ve got some thinking to do. 

Traditionally, wedding favours are small keepsakes given to wedding guests on a wedding day, often symbolising good luck for the couple – sugared almonds, for example, are presented in Greek and Italian weddings to represent life’s ups and downs, in the bittersweet taste of the almonds. They can also double up as place names.

These days, wedding favours can be as unique as you like, and often are in keeping with your chosen wedding theme. You could gift wildflower seed packets if you’ve gone for a boho-style big day, or perhaps your favours could reflect your hobbies or where you’re from. Scottish couples might offer a sweet serving of tablet to their guests, for example.

In fact, edible (or drinkable!) is always a good route to go down when it comes to wedding favors, since it’s a good way to ensure your guests will (most likely) enjoy them on the night. Think: love hearts, shot glasses, doughnuts or chocolate wedding favours. A mini bottle of your favourite gin, cocktail or mocktail – with guests’ names stamped on the front – will always be well-received, right?

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If you’re stuck for wedding favour ideas, we’ve rounded up our pick of the best wedding favours for every style of wedding.

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