5 Best Videographers in Sacramento, CA

Best Videographers in Sacramento

Below is a list of the top and leading Videographers in Sacramento. To help you find the best Videographers located near you in Sacramento, we put together our own list based on this rating points list.

Sacramento’s Best Videographers:

The top rated Videographers in Sacramento, CA are:

  • CineCrown Multimedia – began as an art and design studio in 2005
  • Capture Create Studios Photography – wants to assist you in planning the wedding of your dreams
  • Avant-Garde Kinema Studio – is a group of dedicated and experienced filmmakers
  • STEFDPHOTO – Real Estate Photography & Videography – is a professional videography and photography company
  • SIMZ Productions – provides full-service video production

CineCrown MultimediaVideographers in Sacramento

CineCrown Multimedia began as an art and design studio in 2005. From its humble beginnings in a home office, their studio has developed into a known digital powerhouse, housing a team of master of fine art creative directors, writers, filmmakers, photographers, and creative artists. They enjoy telling stories and assisting you in telling yours.

The objective of CineCrown is to bring its clients’ tales to life. Their mission is to make people’s dreams come true. They tell true and honest stories using photography, cinematography, video production, and branding design, as well as the power of innovative and bright visual imagery.


Photography, Cinematography, Video Production, Branding Design


Address: 1015 25th St, Sacramento, CA 95816
Phone: (916) 800-3388
Website: www.cinecrown.com


“I hired Martin to film a video interview that I did with my Dad to capture some of his life stories. I was very pleased with the quality of the video, including the lighting. It looked very legit and of high quality. I also hired him to edit the video, so he was a one-stop shop for me – I rented his studio, used his cameras, and had him edit. That was super convenient for me and he was timely with the turnaround of the product. I will definitely go back with him the next time I want to do something like this.” – Alexi S.

Capture Create Studios PhotographyTop Videographers in Sacramento

Capture Create Studios Photography wants to assist you in planning the wedding of your dreams so that you never look back and wonder. They accomplish this by photographing and preserving all of the behind-the-scenes, raw, and passionate moments that occur during your wedding day and its thrilling festivities.

They accomplish this by being on your side throughout the preparation process and on your wedding day, providing expert timelines and support. They’re there for you, but they’re also there with you, not only as your wedding photographer but as a friend.


Wedding Photography & Videography


Address: 110 L St, Sacramento, CA 95814
Phone: (707) 888-1388
Website: www.capturecreatestudios.com


“Very professional and attentive photographers. Highly recommended for weddings and engagement photos. Unlike many photographers, I’ve ever worked with. They make you feel calm during a crazy storm (my wedding day). I will definitely be getting these guys again for baby photos.” – Asia H.

Avant-Garde Kinema StudioVideographers Sacramento

Avant-Garde Kinema Studio is a group of dedicated and experienced filmmakers and photographers. With more than 20 years of experience If you’re seeking the best wedding videography or film production, look no further. They take pleasure in offering the greatest service at the best pricing for their customers’ demands. Whether you want complete coverage of your most special day or well-planned video production of your event or music video.


Film ProductionWedding Videography, Photography


Phone: (530) 788-5541
Website: www.avantgardekinema.com


“I worked with Alex from Avant-Garde Kinema Studio and it was an amazing experience! Alex was such an talented film maker. He shoot the music video for me and he included everything: storyboard, scouting location, filming and editing. His price was incredibly accommodating and he was positive towards all of my request. He even shoot some photos and gave them to me for free. I would totally recommend Him with no doubt!” – Kaveh A.

STEFDPHOTO – Real Estate Photography & VideographyGood Videographers in Sacramento

STEFDPHOTO Real Estate Photography & Videography is a professional videography and photography company that serves the counties of Sacramento, Placer, and El Dorado. They provide anything from real estate video tours to business overview videos to portrait photography. No event should go undocumented. Request a quotation or schedule an appointment right away. STEFDPHOTO provides a wide range of event kinds and projects, from multi-million dollar real estate listings to baby showers.


Real Estate Photography & Videography


Phone: (916) 757-3402
Website: www.stefdphoto.com


“Great value. Great photos. Stefan’s super responsive and delivers photos and videos quickly and in an easy format. It’s super easy to book a shoot through his website. Always great to work with him and my clients are always impressed.” – Kirk T.

SIMZ ProductionsOne of the best Videographers in Sacramento

SIMZ Productions provides full-service video production as well as broadcast television production. Their company is capable of working both in the United States and worldwide. The majority of their work is in the Sacramento area, the San Francisco Bay Area, and the North Bay, Santa Rosa. Simz Productions has been a Sacramento video production firm since 2006.

In Northern California, they specialize in corporate video production as well as broadcast film and television production. They’ve created hundreds of videos for small, medium, and large businesses, as well as several local and nationally syndicated television shows.


Video Production Services, Post-Production Services, Freelance Production Services


Address: 770 L St #950, Sacramento, CA 95814
Phone: (916) 216-3102
Website: www.simzproductions.com


“Working with SIMZ is always a pleasure. They’ve had a long-term relationship with Blue Diamond Growers and produced a variety of videos that elevate the brand. Leslie and James take the time to understand their clients’ needs and work collaboratively to ensure the final product is of the highest quality. Their professionalism, attention to detail, and ability to meet deadlines makes SIMZ a company I would work with for many more years.” – Samantha D.

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