9 Airbnb Wedding Venues That Will Have You Saying ‘I Do’

Traditionally, weddings have been a preserve for churches and rental fields which are limited to daytime. The emergence of Airbnb has thrown another spanner in the works of destination celebration.

Couples today are redefining the marriage institution, and Airbnb is part of the matrix. Airbnb gives vacationers the luxury to extend their wedding deep into the night and maybe for an entire weekend.

From lakefront and beachfront houses to castles and villas, here is a detailed list of Airbnbs for a perfect wedding.

9 Luxury Resort Home

Talk of Scottsdale’s vibes served hot. That’s what this Arizona Airbnb is all about. A major undoing of most Airbnb facilities is the lack of enough capacity to hold many guests. Luckily, the Luxury Resort Home isn’t one of them. This facility is designed to hold up to 100 guests, and this gives couples the nod to invite more friends for their maiden celebration.

  • Location:
    Scottsdale, Arizona

  • Cost:

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8 Torno, Italy

Elegant wedding venues don’t have to be confined to the Caribbean and America alone. Europe too is well represented. Torno is a villa located right on Lake Como. It is more of a lakefront celebration destination. The venue can best be said to be photogenic, thanks to the beautiful photos taken there. This venue is best suited for micro-celebrations since it can hold a maximum of 20 guests at a time.

  • Location:
    Torno, Italy

  • Cost:

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7 Aegean Island Villa

The Aegean Island Villa is nothing like the ordinary outdoor celebration venues. It feels more like paradise. This villa is made of three buildings meant to host many guests at once. The villa is furnished with five bedrooms, which directly translates to an increased number of sleeping accommodations. The site has a converted barn that can sleep 10 more guests on demand. The region’s stunning sunshine means guests will enjoy every bit of the celebration.

  • Location:
    Eretria, Greece

  • Cost:

6 Wonder Haus

Virtually all states in the U.S. have an outdoor celebration venue. Colorado isn’t any different. It is rightfully represented by Wonder Haus. Located in the Pagosa Springs region of Colorado, this house has a unique design that stands out in the area. While there may be some significant spaces to hold a small group of guests, the interior is quite limiting. The house cannot hold more than four guests for a night.

  • Location:
    Pagosa Springs, United States

  • Cost:

5 Namu Lodge

Couples seeking a small venue for their big day in the American capital find a good one in Namu Lodge. Located in Leavenworth, the lodge is made of five bedrooms and ten beds. This space can easily sleep twenty guests or even more depending on their physical complexity. The remote location of the lodge separates the event from the chaos of the town. Also, guests are treated to epic views of nearby mountains out through the window. The minimalist and rustic properties of the lodge are part of the small things that make the celebration special.

  • Location:
    Leavenworth, Washington

  • Cost:

4 Ferndale Barndominium

Americans seem to have a liking for converted barns. This venue is one of them. Couples make different considerations when looking for venues for their outdoor celebration. Some want something minimalist while others want an excess of everything. For those who adore nature, Ferndale gives a good dose of the same. This venue is located a few steps away from the region’s hiking trails, creating good spots for wedding shots.

  • Location:
    Ferndale, California

  • Cost:

3 Papa’s Hideaway

Mountain ranges, hiking trails, and lakefronts are widely mentioned when pursuing outdoor celebration venues. But why are beaches not as popular as other venues? Regardless of what people say about them, beach venues are still a good option when looking for a convenient outdoor site. No place beats Florida on this front. As the name suggests, this venue is indeed an escape from the curious eye of the public. There’s a lot more to enjoy here beyond the Key West beaches.

  • Location:
    Key West, Florida

  • Cost:

2 Canyon Hideout Cabin

Wedding celebrations don’t have to involve the masses. Sometimes doing it solo, or best still like a couple, will serve the best interest of the involved parties. The Canyon Hideout Cabin is one place that guarantees this privacy while celebrating its huge milestone. With one bedroom and a single bed, this venue can only accommodate two guests. The miles of hiking trails available in the area around the cabin means couples have a wide outdoor area to explore while the celebration lasts.

  • Location:
    Cortez, Colorado

  • Cost:

1 Fenton Tower

Imagine being married in a tower that was built in 1570. That’s what it takes to have a wedding that’s extraordinary. This piece of paradise is large enough to accommodate 12 guests, so it’s suitable for a castle wedding. Couples will have a rare opportunity to capture fairytale-worthy photos.

  • Location:
    North Berwick, Scotland

  • Cost:

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