A broke person’s guide to a wedding under N500,000

This is how to plan a wedding with a budget of N500,000.

Imagine eliminating the cost of a venue – the bliss of that.

Not saying all rentals are cheap, but if you can rent a gown cheaply, that solves your problem.

Go to the market yourself and buy the materials for the traditional wedding, shoes and bags. For the gown again, find a good but cheap tailor. Tested and trusted. But to avoid touching stories, rent a gown in your size.

Budget N200,000 for you and your husband’s clothes, shoes and accessories including the wedding rings.

Make it strictly by invitation and make a budget of N1,000 per head including drinks for only 100 people. No wedding crashers allowed. Throw in a simple cake with a budget of N30,000 and you are good to go.

A live band will cost way more. Street DJs will not be that expensive and they can bring the turn-up.

This is when having a good church relationship comes in handy, speak to the head of the decorating unit about helping you with your wedding decorations. Budget N20,000 – N30,000.

For this, you are going to have to budget about N100,000. It is hard to get a photographer willing to do this but kindly move away from Instagram vendors to those around your street.

To ensure that your cheap makeup artist does not mess up your make up just go with a simple nude look, little foundation and minimal contouring. If she can get just draw the perfect brows, your makeup is set. N20,000 or less should do it.

If you have a human hair weave, revamp it, but you need a hairstylist that can perform simple wrapping. Budget N30,000.

Unfortunately, you are on a tight budget and you might not be able to give souvenirs plus the cost of printing but if you must do so. Let your parents make the souvenirs for both of you like their contribution to the wedding.

You can use aso-ebi to raise extra funds, and that is what most people. By the time you task certain friends to buy some lace materials at exaggerated prices, you may be able to come up with more money to do anything extra.

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