Bridal Shower Games: The Definitive List of The Best Ones Out There

Throw the betrothed a shower to remember by including some of our favourite bridal shower games.

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It’s not just about the bachelorette party nowadays (although if you’re planning one of those we have 47 amazing bachelorette party ideas here), it’s about the bridal shower too! Break the ice at your bridal shower with these fun bridal shower games.

A considerably tamer affair, the bridal shower is a chance for the bridal party to get to know each other, and is the perfect opportunity to include those who might not fancy a drunken bachelorette party, such as the mothers of the bride and groom.

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Here are some of our favorite bridal shower games to kick things off…

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1. Get Quizzical

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Potentially the safest of all activites, who doesn’t love a bit of trivia? You’ve got a few options here…

You could do a multiple choice quiz about the bride. This can be a great way to see who knows her best, and for others to find out things they never knew. If you have some of your friend’s partner’s relations in the gang, then try to include some questions on them too, to keep everyone sweet.

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Alternatively, quiz the bride with some good old fashioned Mr & Mrs questions. It’s an oldie but a goodie, and everyone will love the insight into the bride and her beau’s relationship.

If all that isn’t enough for you then you could give the bride another challenge with a little wedding trivia, to see whether she’s hot on her history.

Here are our favorite bridal shower quiz games:

59573 bridal shower games bride quiz 6274353

These cute quiz sheets are both fun and a fab keepsake for the bride to take home after her bachelorette party.

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59729 bridal shower games how well do you know the bride quiz 6274353

If you want personalised quiz sheets, go for these striped ones which include a picture of the bride and her and her partner’s names.

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2. Play ‘Who Am I?’

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Nearly everyone knows this bridal shower game, so it takes very little explaining on the day – which is nice, if you’re up to your eyes in finger sandwiches and organising the giving of gifts.

Before the bridal shower begins, write out the names of famous people or members of the bridal party on sticky labels or post it notes. Hand them out and get everyone to stick one on their head – without looking at who they are. They then have to ask yes or no questions within a set time frame to figure out ‘who am I’? If they work it out before the time is up then they either get straight up kudos, or a prize if you’re extra organised and have organised some.

If you’re stuck for time, you can always download Heads Up, the app version from Ellen, or order the board game Who’s In The Bag?

3. Bring on Some Bridal Bingo

59615 bridal shower games bridal bingo 95fea33

Bridal bingo can be pretty much anything you want it to be. We think it’s probably best played while the bride opens her presents, to give everyone something to do other than awkwardly look on while making soft sounds of appreciation for that third set of towels your lucky buddy just got from her aunty. If you go for this version then list the presents you think your pal will get randomly on the bingo sheets. The first person to cross off a full line wins (what they win exactly is a mystery, and completely up to you).

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Other options are to use it for commonly said things at bridal showers – like the date the couple are getting married, the name of the wedding venue, their other half’s name etc. This style of bridal bingo can be played across the whole day until someone scores a lucky line.

59649 bridal shower games bridal bingo personalised 95fea33

We love this personalized bridal bingo from Rock, Paper, Stars. You provide them with the words to print so it can be completely tailored to your pal’s big day or bachelorette do, e.g. with her partner’s name or her penchant for mentioning her flower wall.

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4. Give ‘My Name Is’ a Go

59631 bridal shower games give my name is a go d23d275

Sometimes it’s the simple games that go down the best, because nobody likes too many rules. This super simple game basically requires every guest to write down their nickname or pet name – the more obscure the better. Then everyone draws one out of the bowl and has to guess who they think the pet name belongs to. Easy but effective.

5. Rewrite the Love Story

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On a long piece of paper, the bride should write down a statement about how she and her partner met, for example: ‘we met through online dating’. This then gets passed around the table and each guest can add their own line to it, rewriting the love story. To make it funnier we find folding the paper over, to only show the last line, after each person’s turn gives best results. The bride can read it out at the end. See how obscure you can make your section of the story

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59681 bridal shower how they met mad libs 72e654d

If you think your tipsy bride might need a little guidance, this ‘How They Met’ mad libs game makes it easy. You just need to pass it round and fill in the next word.

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6. Finish the Sentence

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Compile a guest book and start a series of sentences on each page for the guests to finish. You can use things like ‘Love is…’, ‘Marriage means…’ and ‘Sunday mornings are for…’. If you have an instant camera, like a Polaroid, it’s really nice to include a little snap of each guest next to their list of advice too. Give it to the bride at the end of the shower as a little momento of the day.

59697 bridal shower games hen party guest book a1cbde3

How cute is this keepsake advice book for the bride! Perfect for filling with your favourite pictures and quotes from the weekend.

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7. Cake Testing

59747 bridal shower games cake tasting 21f7e26

The part of wedding planning that evokes the most jealousy (if we’re being really honest) is when the happy couple get to go and taste different cakes. Bring this beautiful job to the bridal shower by buying or baking lots of different cakes and getting everyone to test them and guess the flavor. This is most fun when you throw in some lesser known cake flavors like chocolate Guinness cake, or even a savory option like rosemary and olive oil.

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59767 bridal shower games unicorn cake pops 2584b40

Your girls will love to try these adorable unicorn cake pops, especially if you’re having a unicorn theme. You can get them in 9 flavours including raspberry ripple, salted caramel and pina colada so you can buy lots and taste test these too.

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8. Try True or False

59777 bridal shower games try true or false 2584b40

This is a bridal shower game for someone closest to the bride to organise. Get them to write down some fun facts about about her (the more cringe-worthy the better) and make up some wacky ones. Read them out and get everyone to vote true or false before revealing the answers. A little prize or two never goes amiss here either – and could just be something small like a bottle of prosecco or a lip balm. Whenever there’s something to win involved people seem to play far more seriously. Funny that.

9. Put on Your Poker Faces

59791 bridal shower games poker face 470b873

This is a great one for breaking the ice with all the guests. Everyone goes around the table, introduces themselves and says three statements about themselves – two true, one false. Everyone else has to guess the lie as each person’s turn goes round. We’ve found it’s best to pre-warn you’re going to play this one, so people have plenty of time to prep a left-field fact. Plus, more shy guests might not appreciate being put on the spot. When it comes to your fact fiddling, the more bizarre the better in our book.

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10. Get in a Good Gossip

59803 bridal shower games get in a good gossip 470b873

Everyone loves a good goss, surely? For this bridal shower game get everyone to write down how they know the bride. For example: ‘We actually met through her ex’ or ‘I used to babysit her when she was nine’. These are all put in a bowl and everyone draws one out and has to guess who it’s about. If you’re feeling super organised you could get everyone clipboards and lined paper to write their guesses down on and arrange a prize or two. At the end get each person to reveal their fact in turn, and the person with the most right guesses wins.

11. See Who’s Clued up on Celebrity Couples

59827 bridal shower games celebrity couples d5b59ec

A game to test how clued up everyone is on their celeb knowledge! Have lots of little prizes ready – chocolate, alcohol miniatures, nail polish etc – and say the names of different celebrities. The first person to shout back who they’re married to gets a prize – the game can increase with difficulty the longer it goes on! If you fancy making it less raucous you could have a sheet for each person to note down their answers on in secret, before taking it in turns to reveal your answers – we quite like the shout-y, loud one though!

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If you need a helping hand with some harder ones, check out this Sporcle list – a few of these will definitely trip your girls up.

12. Be a Bag Lady

59815 bridal shower games bag lady game d5b59ec

Be warned: This game can cause some serious squirming. Write a list of everything you’re likely to have in your handbag, such as a purse, lip balm and a mobile phone but then add more obscure things to the list – pet treats, condoms, spare underwear. Someone reads out the list and the first person to pull the item mentioned out of their bag wins a prize. Keep going until you’ve finished the list. This is great for people who just like a little nosey into other people’s lives!

13. Try The Toilet Paper Dress Game

59837 bridal shower games toilet paper dress 800a8be

Piles of toilet paper might not conjure up thoughts of a perfect afternoon but trust us, this game is a winner for competitive crowds of your favourite gals and guys. The idea is easy. You supply mountains of loo rolls and split everyone into teams. In each team there’s a nominated ‘bride’ while the remaining team members have to fashion a wedding dress out of the toilet paper using their ‘brides’ as a model to build on. How much help you give is up to you, you can add things like tape, ribbon and string for added intrigue. At the end everyone votes for their favourite design (other than their own) and the team with the most votes wins the wedding dress war.

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14. Dive into Door Prizes

59871 bridal shower games doorway 647d050

Door prizes, we think, originated in America and are essentially a little game to kick things off as people come through the door. Our favourite version of this game is called ‘who has the groom?’ As everyone comes through the door they’re handed an envelope. In each envelope is a small card with a cut out of a tuxedo stuck to it, with a picture of a different celebrity’s face popped on top, except one is the groom. Once everyone has arrived you all open your envelopes and whoever has the groom wins a prize!

15. Up the Ante with the Underwear Game

59847 bridal shower games underwear 647d050

Who wouldn’t want a whole hoard of new undies bestowed upon them? This fun bridal shower game requires everyone attending to bring a pair of knickers as a gift to the bride-to-be. It’s then up to the betrothed herself to unwrap each pair and guess who they’re from – points for being able to somehow hint at a personal joke or funny story with your pair of pants!

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59859 bridal shower games underwear for men and women queen elizabeth 1st print 7e97d75

If the Bride is queen of your bride tribe, she’ll love these cheeky Elizabeth I pantsTwisted Twee have so many great pairs with famous and historical faces on them. If you want to do a little DIY, buy a plain pair of knickers and iron on one of these fab patches from kindersticker.

All these games are ideal for breaking the ice, and by playing bridal shower games you can still have fun with a wide variety of people from the bridal party, before having a bachelorette party with a different crowd. If you’d like to involve some drinking at your bridal shower, why not check out our list of cocktail games for bachelorette parties?

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