Bride Enters Wedding Venue With Her Late Father Photograph In Hand

A video showing a bride carrying her dad’s photo while walking down the aisle on her wedding day has gone viral. In the caption of the video post, the bride has described the special bond she shared with her dad who passed away a few years ago.

Chhaya Bhajanka was 18 years old when she lost her dad to a cardiac arrest. She was very close to him. “

“Every night, when Papa would come back home from work, I’d run and get him a glass of water. He’d then hug me and tell me all about his day, and I’d listen with rapt attention. “My Papa was my best friend. The two of us, we were a team, and he taught me all my ‘firsts’ – flying a kite and even swimming! He always pushed me to do more“, the post shared on the Instagram page read.

Bride Enters Wedding Venue With Her Late Father Photograph In Hand

Her father always wanted her to chase her dreams and do whatever she wanted to. She worked hard and became an architect. She met her soulmate Vijay and was instantly drawn to him because he was quite similar to her dad. They fell in love and decided to get married.

“But I knew I couldn’t have gone through my wedding day without having Papa on my side. So, when the time came for me to walk down the aisle, I decided to carry Papa’s picture with me. It was such an emotional moment, all the guests cried with me”, she said.

The video has been liked by 477,841 users so far. It has got 9.8 million views so far and loads of comments. “I got tears in my eyes!! Exactly like my story🤍wishing her all love, health and happiness 🤍”, wrote a user.

“Heart touching…. Uncle must be proud of her”, wrote another.

Some time ago, another video went viral on social media where a bride is seen walking in the wedding venue with tears in her eyes and her mother’s photograph in her hands. It was revealed that the bride had recently lost her mother so she wanted to have a piece of her presence at her wedding.  Her father too could not control his emotions and got seen teary-eyed in the video.

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