Disney Bachelorette Party Ideas That Are Fit for a Princess

If you know the bride is a massive Disney fan then make sure you throw her a Bachelorette party that is fit for a princess

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If you are planning a Bachelorette party for a bride who loves Disney then what could be more perfect than a Disney-inspired celebration? From a fairytale destination right through to the perfect princess-themed props, see how you can plan the dream Bachelorette party for the ultimate Disney princess.

Organize a Trip to Disneyland

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If you know your bride have the budget to go abroad then what could be more amazing than a hen party at Disneyland ? The bride will get to meet all her favorite fairytale characters, take the most amazing selfies and go on all the Disney rides.

Play Your Favorite Disney Tracks ALL Day

If you have hired a house for the Bachelorette party then make sure you have the ultimate Disney soundtrack – from classics like Aladdin’s ‘A Whole New World’ right through to modern day Disney with songs like Frozen’s ‘Love is an Open Door’.

In Fact Have a Disney Movie Screening

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Who wants to get ready to go out listing to the latest chart music when you could in fact be watching Beauty and the Beast or Cinderella? Make sure you stock up on Disney DVD’s that you can play in the background for anyone who needs a fairytale fix.

Dress Up as Your Favorite Disney Princesses

What could be better than a Disney princess party? Each bride can be allocated a Disney princess in the run up to the weekend so they have time to source the perfect Disney outfit. Just make sure your Disney super-fan bride is allocated her favorite princess first! Amazon and eBay have some amazing options!

Create a Princess Style Photo Booth

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Photo booths aren’t just for weddings you know – create your very own princess photo booth area at the bachelorette party, complete with tiaras, crowns and Disney princess props.

Give the Bride Personalized Disney Sashes

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Amazon have an amazing range of Disney-inspired bachelorette party sashes that will be perfect for embracing your magical bachelorette party style – and they are a bargain at just $2.95 each!

Wear Disney bachelorette Party Badges

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Make sure everyone knows you’re on a bride do by wearing Disney badges that say Team Bride – we adore these cute colorful badges from Etsy. They are also a great option if the bride wants something more subtle than a sash.

Give the Bride Disney-Inspired Wish Bracelets

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These bachelorette  party wish bracelets from Etsy are super cute and would be the perfect addition to your hen party bags. You can choose from three adorable charms and a range of difference colors for the string.

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Use Disney Party Napkins, Cups and Plates

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Ok – so they may be intended for five year olds having a birthday party but there’s nothing that says Disney napkins, paper plates and cups aren’t for adults too. Save yourself the washing up and dine in Disney style with party plates and napkins featuring all the bride’s favourite characters.

Play Some Disney Games

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See how well the Bride know their Disney couples by playing a game of match the princess to the prince. You could also play Disney charades and act out your favorite scenes for everyone to guess!

Provide Disney Masks

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You will be able to have so many fun bachelorette party photos if you give each of the bride their very own Disney mask – Party Pieces have a huge range and a pack of four masks is just $1.99!

Host Your Very Own Disney Cocktail Class

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Create your very own cocktail class and give the bride recipes they could recreate – perhaps an icy “Frozen” drink, or an apple Martini for Snow White…you get the idea! You can then serve your drinks in these amazing Disney-style champagne glasses – the transfers are available on Etsy and you can choose from generic bachelorette party stickers or if you’re feeling extra fancy, order personalised ones that feature each bride’s name.

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Order (or Bake!) a Princess Cake

If you are dining at home before heading out, swap a traditional dessert for a pretty pink princess cake. You could bake your own cake if you’re feeling creative or Tesco have a pink princess cake topped with a tiara that is a bargain at just $10.

Make the Bride’s Bed Up with Disney Themed Bedding

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Make a bed that is fit for a princess with Disney princess bedding – the bride will love it and it will just be an added surprise when you all head up to your rooms. It also won’t break your bachelorette party budget – this princess set from Argos is just $15.99.

So now you have your bachelorette party theme sorted, it’s time to start looking at some of our favorite bachelorette party games.

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