Elements required for a lovely Bollywood-themed wedding décor

A Bollywood themed pre-wedding event will be bindaas and lit for those who love their movies and songs as much as they love themselves. We’ve all grown up watching movies and idolising movie stars, so how about incorporating and including some Bollywood theme party ideas into one of your wedding functions? The ambience of Bollywood themed- parties can range from lavish to being totally dramatic. A Bollywood themed party isn’t just for wedding decorations; it can be broadened to include all of your ideas and activities.

On account of that, we bring you 4 elements you might require to host a fantastic Bollywood-themed wedding décor for your D-Day.


1. A flashy entrance

To master a stunning Bollywood themed décor, you must have a captivating entrance that immediately draws your guests in and gives them the impression that they are actually living in a Bollywood setting. You can do a flash mob with your spouse to accomplish this. When the bride and groom are announced, the DJ changes the tune, directing the entire banquet to the dance floor, where the flash mob begins. We guarantee that everyone will be talking about it all night.

cocktail bar

2. Innovative cocktail bar

What’s a wedding without music, dancing, and plenty of alcohol? Allow your guests to sip their drinks alongside the bar at your wedding. Allow your wedding decor to extend to your drink bar instead of just those plain boring stations. There are infinite ways to go Bollywood, from decking it up with popular Bollywood pickup lines to embellishing it with elegant lamps, stunning chandeliers, and labelling your drinks with a filmi phrase.

3. Illuminating stage décor

When it comes to dressing up a wedding venue, an extravagant wedding stage is one of the most important characteristics. Couples with a penchant for the dramatic and Bollywood themes who want something truly unique can set up a larger-than-life and theatrical stage with a whimsical, spectacular, and eye-catching decor theme.


4. Filmi photobooth

Photo booths are an excellent type of wedding entertainment. It keeps guests occupied at the wedding, and you’ll have wonderful recollections from the evening. With some unique photo booths and backgrounds, you may give your wedding site a filmy makeover. All you need are some crimson drapes for a red-carpet-like backdrop and some flashing lights for an outdoor wedding.

With the aforementioned items, we are certain that your guests will be amazed of your very gorgeous Bollywood-themed party.

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