Louisville videographer captures Black Lives Matter protests

“Why are you out here protesting?”

It’s a question local videographer Kyle Gordon asked over and over to protestors in the summer of 2020. After spending 30 days protesting alongside those same people, he picked up his camera to make a series of videos focused on the Black Lives Matter movement in Louisville and the protests following the death of Breonna Taylor. 

It turned into “Voices of the Movement,” the first major video project Gordon produced by himself.

“I wanted to be out there for them and not exploit the movement. I didn’t feel like it was my story to tell. I was supposed to be just a body on the ground,” Gordon told the Courier Journal.

Kyle Gordon is a local videographer who was born and raised in Louisville. After noticing what his city was going through last summer, her created a series of videos interviewing protestors called Voices of the Movement. He asked protestors one question: "Why are you out here protesting?"

Last summer, protestors swept across America in response to the death of both Taylor and George Floyd and while a major spotlight was placed on the protests, often they were portrayed in a negative light. Many people, like Gordon, countered that narrative with their own footage of the peacefulness they witnessed during the movement. 

“I feel through personal stories and being able to have conversations with one another that we can understand each other more,” Gordon said.

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