Money Diary: A Marketing & Communications Manager In Norwich On 32k

Occupation: Marketing and communications manager
Industry: Technology
Age: 25
Location: Norwich 
Salary: £32,000
Paycheque amount: £525 a week after tax, national insurance and student loan
Number of housemates: One (my fiancé)
Pronouns: She/her
Monthly Expenses
Housing costs: £650 mortgage. My fiancé and I went for a 30+ year mortgage term after a lot of soul-searching as it minimised our monthly payments. While it means we will be paying the mortgage for a longer period, it gives us more flexibility month to month because costs are reduced, and it means that we could have slightly more freedom when it comes to making big decisions like moving jobs.
Loan payments: My student loan is around £35,000 and I pay back less than £100 a month.
Pension? £100 a month.
Savings? £7,000 in savings, with half ownership of a city-centre, two-bedroom house. My partner and I split all of our bills and regular payments equally (with a complete 50/50 divide) but we each have our own savings accounts that we pay into each month for ourselves.
Utilities: £150 council tax, £100 gas and electricity, £20+ contents insurance, £10+ house insurance, £160 annual TV licence.
All other monthly payments: £9 data and calls contract. £10 monthly charity donations (including charity lotteries). Subscriptions: £10 Netflix, £5 Spotify Premium (split between two).

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