My sister got engaged & booked my dream venue, so I took revenge in the best way

FAMILY FEUDS always seem to come out in full force during happy occasions.

One woman has revealed how her family feud reached boiling point when her sister got engaged, and she took revenge in the best possible way.

She said the venue was sentimental to her and had been her dream venue since being a child


She said the venue was sentimental to her and had been her dream venue since being a childCredit: Getty

The anonymous woman took to Reddit to share her story, explaining how she and her sister already didn’t get along.

She said: “I can be honest and admit that she’s much prettier than me, and that’s something she’s never let me forget.

“Both of my parents are pretty shallow and they’ve always given her the best and put her first (i.e. if we both had a school event at the same time, they’d both go to hers).

“This has left me pretty bitter and distant from my family.”

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But things took a turn for the worse when she announced she was engaged, and her sister quickly followed suit.

She explained she wasn’t too miffed by this, but she was furious when she found out her sister booked her dream location.

“It was sentimental to me (my grandparents got married there), and I’ve talked about wanting to get married there as far back as high school when I was just daydreaming,” she added.

She revealed that when she brought it up to her parents, they told her to stop being petty.

Instead, she took revenge and decided to book the same venue a month before her sister’s wedding day.

She added: “I checked with the venue and there’s no way my sister can move the wedding up (they’re booked up) and if she changes venues she’ll lose her deposit.”

Now, her family has told her to call her sister as she’s upset she booked the same venue and she asked Reddit if she was out of line for doing so.

But most users agreed with her, one said: “Your parents and sister are. I wouldn’t even bother having them present.”

“Seems like your sister is always trying to one-up you. She’s probably just upset that this is one of the last big events that she will get the chance to do it and it didn’t go as planned. I am guessing your sister will try and manipulate those around you,” another added.

A third commented: “Your sis & parents are though. It’s about time you get something you’ve always dreamt of before your sis could snatch it away. Stick with it & have your day!”

Many users agreed she wasn't in the wrong for booking the venue


Many users agreed she wasn’t in the wrong for booking the venueCredit: Getty

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