Naagin 6, July 24, Written Episode: Sheshnaagin Plans Vengeance, Rishabh Learns Pratha Was Innocent

Naagin 6, July 24, Written Episode: Kiara aka Tejasswi Prakash and Rajesh Pratap Singh aka Vishal Solanki announce their wedding. Reem aka Gayathiri Iyer plots to stop Rajesh and Kiara’s wedding. Rishabh aka Simba Nagpal suspects Rehan aka Shoaib Ali and Heena aka Mahek Chahal. Sheshnaagin is all set to take her revenge.Also Read – Naagin 6, July 23, Written Episode: Sheshnaagin Defends Nagmahal, Rishabh Suspects Shakti’s Mysterious Death

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Rishabh suspects Shakti’s mysterious death after seeing his 2020 medical report. Shakti tries to stalk Pratha as he is obsessed with her. Sheshnaagin saves a snake from getting burnt at the Nagmahal. Rishsbah tells his former colleagues from army to not demolish Nagmahal as it is the home for the snakes. Pratha accepts Rajesh Pratap’s fake marriage proposal. Also Read – Baarish Aayi Hai: TejRan Fans Celebrate as Karan Kundrra-Tejasswi Prakash’s Song Garners 26 Million Views on YouTube

Reem Has a Secret Plan

In the morning Kiara and Rajesh surprise everyone at the breakfast table that their marriage is today. Kiara says her Pandit from London has suggested the auspicious date for the wedding. Rajesh tells everyone that the wedding venue is his South Delhi haveli. Urvashi aka Urvashi Dholakia tells Mehek to go ahead while she and Reem feed Shakti before leaving. Urvashi and Reem keep the food in Shakti’s room and come out of the room. Reem tells Urvashi to leave for the wedding as she would come direct from the beauty parlour. Reem decides to use Shakti as a weapon to stop Rajesh’s wedding with Kiara. Reem gives the keys of the secret room to Shakti and tells him Deepika is getting married to Rajesh.

Rehan Sees Vihaan’s Ghost

Gujral family arrives at Rajesh Pratap’s house. Pratha is determined to kill Rishabh and seek her revenge. Shakti gets out of the Gujral house and robs a Sherwani while injuring a shopkeeper and a driver. Shakti’s street fight’s viral video is shown to inspector Vijay. Inspector Vijay reaches Gujral house and gets to know the whole family is at Rajesh Pratap’s house. Rishabh and Pratha get flashbacks of their wedding. Pratha mistakenly gets Rishabh’s name written on her Mehendi which she later removes. Rehan goes to his room while the family is dancing downstairs. Rehan aka Shoaib Ali finds Vihaan in his room who is actually the Naagin who earlier disguised as Rhea. Vihaan speaks to Rehan and then dies in front of him. Rehan runs away despite of Rishabh trying to stop him.

Rehan Confesses His Crimes

Rehan reaches police station and tells the constables he wants to be inside bars as he has committed to murders. The constables ask him to calm down and think before speaking anything. Rishabh arrives at the police station. Rehan tells Rishabh that he committed all murders and Pratha was innocent. Rishabh asks him what he’s talking about. Rehan then tries to defend himself and says maybe I’m too drunk. Rishabh becomes suspicious about Rehan. Kiara tells Mehek she is going to the washroom. Pratha meets the Naagin Gauri upstairs who is helping her in seeking revenge. Pratha explains her plan to Gauri.

Rishabh Suspects Heena

Inspector Vijay reaches Rajesh Pratap’s haveli and shows Shakti’s video to Mehek as he suspects he is Rishabh. Vijay can’t control his anger and accuses Mehek of betraying her own sister and marrying for money. Vijay says Mehek is a heartless woman, while Rishabh overhears the conversation. Vijay says that Pratha endured so much for a crime she never committed as she only loved Rishabh wholeheartedly. Mehek tells Vijay Pratha deserved whatever happened to her, and asks him to leave. Jwala calls Bijay and tells him to leave immediately as something big is about to happen at Rajesh’s haveli. Rishabh tries to connect the dots as he recalls what Rehan and inspector Vijay said.

What to Expect From Upcoming Episode

In the upcoming episode Rishabh is stuck as fire breaks out. It is told that someone died in the fire. Pratha tells Rajesh it was the wicked plan of Urvashi and Mehek that burnt Rishabh.

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