NEW! Espace Studio Offers Photo Studios Partnerships to Our Creative Members

Are you a creative professional who is in need of finding a photo studio to shoot your next project? Take a look at these deals.

Have you just landed a really cool job? Or, are you planning to shoot a project but you need a photo studio where you can get the job done?

We understand the hassle of finding the most ideal space in which you can get creative. Either it is too small, too big, the lighting isn’t right, or the location is off. Well, the process of finding the best studio has now just become easier.

Over the last couple of months the Espace Studio team has engaged on a decorated studio for you!

Today, we introduce to you some amazing studios partnering program with. Start scrolling below, and claim your unique deal and discount today — exclusive to Espace members! Enjoy!

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Are you the Event Wedding Planner, Photographer or Videographer?

We're Looking for Partnership


Our luxury wedding venue space & décor design services are an artistic collaboration between us and our clients.

We do as little or as much as you need, to create flawlessly executed weddings, events and luxury experiences.

Build better event partnerships today with ESPACE STUDIO

Becoming known for hosting collaborative, productive events is what helps a venue win valuable business again and again. For more on partnering with event planners, please contact us for more details.

Driving measurable results together

Espace Studio Partner Program

Become a Espace partner to differentiate your organization in the market. When you partner with a leading provider for meetings and event management technology, you’ll be able to accelerate business growth, expand market share, and improve customer loyalty. Interested in driving event success together? Become a part of our partner community today!

“For us, Espace Studio is not a cost of doing business. It’s an investment in our clients. It’s an investment in our organization because hand-in-hand with Espace is how we’ve grown.”

Are You Seeking in-House Studio Space Support?

Want to Become One of Our Venue Partners?

At Espace Studio, we pride ourselves on being a trusted extension of our team. It’s our job to know the spaces inside out, working sensitively with all our partners to deliver amazing events for every client. We don’t simply supply the marketing but instead deliver a complete service including location site checks, proposal development and project management. From being present at the all-important first site visit or assist throughout the event planning process, we’re always on hand to support your team and drive results.

It’s Not about the Gear – It’s about Service, Strategy and Production

Our highly skilled professionals are trained with the technical expertise and hospitality that your brand requires. Using creative strategy and Imperial Décor, we create a customized solution for every event.

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