Seattle woman scrambles to find wedding venue, after original location cancels on her

A Seattle woman says she found out this week her wedding venue canceled on her, and now she is forced to scramble to find another location.

For the last year, Michelle Brault and Kurtis Eveleigh planned their dream wedding set for this September.

“Once we had our venue, like, I really could see, like, a vision for what I wanted,” said Brault.

However, she says that vision faded fast late Thursday night.

“It’s devastating. I spent all morning crying,” said Brault.

She says her dream turned into a nightmare when she found out her venue, Chateau Du Nuage in Maple Valley, closed its doors.

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“Immediately called him (her fiancé) and was just like, sobbing on the phone, like ‘our wedding is getting canceled,’” said Brault.

She says she did not even hear about the closure from the venue. Instead, she learned about the situation through a Facebook post in a wedding group.

Brault says she tried to reach out to the venue on Friday, but no one answered her calls.

FOX 13 News went to the website for Chateau Du Nuage and instead of a venue page, it was a property listing.

FOX 13 News spoke to the realtor for the property over the phone. He told us Chateau Du Nuage shut down, and is no longer a wedding venue. He said the venue is now for sale as a home, and has been listed for at least two weeks.

“I knew nothing. I knew absolutely zero. Like, up until yesterday at 6 p.m. everything was totally normal and wedding, fine; everything’s a go.” 

Brault says later in the day, she finally got an email from the venue, which explained more of the situation.

“The neighbors of the Chateau have filed an injunction against the property. For this reason, the Chateau can no longer legally allow weddings on the property,” said Brault as she read the email.

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According to King County’s website, there is record of complaints made by more than a dozen named people against Chateau Du Nuage.

“I hope it was something important enough that they feel ok about interrupting many dozens of brides’ dream days,” she said.

Brault says she spent hours trying to piece her wedding back together, looking for a new venue, which she is hopeful she may have found.

She says she’ll get a refund from Chateau Du Nuage, but says this situation is about more than just money. 

“It’s a really important day,” she said.

FOX 13 News contacted Chateau Du Nuage, and contacted some of the people listed in the court document. As of the story airing, no one has either responded or wanted to speak about the situation.

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