Spend Summer at South Shore Terrace

Milwaukee is in no shortage of beer gardens, that’s for sure. Some are traveling, some are sponsored by German beer institutions, and some simply have great views. Bay View’s South Shore Terrace is the answer to all things outdoor drinking and dining. Originally it was a 1930s bathhouse and is now also used as a popular wedding venue in its upstairs, while downstairs is one of the city’s best kitchen and beer garden with indoor and outdoor seating.

Sponsored by Miller Brewing, it services more than just beer. There are a couple of wine varietals and some craft cocktails that oftentimes go with the weather for that day. Being that it’s a part of South Shore Park, it belongs to the Milwaukee Parks Association which means you can bring your sponsored glasses back for a discounted beverage anytime during the season. Plus, it actually has good food that goes beyond the typical pretzels and beer cheese.

Now that I am officially a Bay View resident, South Shore Terrace is my go-to spot to grab a drink or bite with my dog, meet some new neighbors, and look out at the beautiful skyline of Milwaukee perfectly poised against Lake Michigan. And it should be yours too.

It was Mother’s Day and my mom actually requested to go here, not me. We’ve been before and really like to be able to bring my dog with us for when we eat. I haven’t found too many places that have outdoor dining that are as dog friendly as this one, but I suppose that has to do with its location. I sometimes wish Milwaukee would be more like Miami and let dogs into restaurants at any hours of the day. I digress.

Burgers Meat or Not

We weren’t in the drinking mood today so we co-opted our normal beer and wine orders for Sprecher Root Beer instead. The menu seems to change a little bit from summer to summer but generally is consistent. My mom got the black and bleu burger; I got the ultimate (AKA meatless) burger, and my dog got the hot dog. I opted for a side salad knowing I was eating my dog’s fries. Every dish was a hit! And it’s the perfect amount of food to leave you full but with room for beer if you’re having it. Plus, the sidewinder fries are something everyone will love—kids, adults, vegetarians, vegans.

You can sit by the fire in the designated beer garden area adorned with a memorable Miller mural, out front on picnic tables against the lake, or bring your own picnic setup and post up anywhere where there’s grass. It’s really a choose your own adventure kind of place.

What’s even more fun about this place is that it’s surrounded by so many people enjoying the outdoors in their own way—boating, kite flying, dog walking, playground playing, running, working out, drinking beer, gathering with friends or just taking it all in. Spend your summer at South Shore Terrace in whatever way you deem fit.

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