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The ex-wife of the groom had planned to crash the wedding ceremony and sabotage it in some way, out of spite. However, the bride was quick on her feet and had an ingenious plan to pay her back – one which she documented on Reddit for all to read.

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A recent Reddit post shared by a newlywed highlights the intricacies of choosing a wedding guest list, particularly when there are past relationships involved. The couple opted for a micro wedding with only immediate family members in attendance, including the husband’s child from his previous marriage. They had intended to invite the ex-wife to maintain a good co-parenting relationship. The author shared in the original post:

My husband has a child with his ex, so sees her quite often for things related to my step kid. We were always planning on inviting her to the wedding to see their kid all dressed up and to generally keep a good coparenting relationship. Before we had invited her, she informed DH that she’d be there, and asked when and where it was. He was a little taken aback but as we were planning on inviting her anyway he just told her.

However, the ex-wife decided to attend the wedding without receiving a formal invitation. This put them in an awkward situation but they still shared all of the ceremony’s details with her. On the big day itself, however, she arrived dressed inappropriately – wearing a short dress with stockings, suspenders, nightclub makeup and costume jewelry.

The author later discovered that her ex-wife had sent texts to mutual friends seeking details about the wedding, suggesting she expected a larger gathering. When she arrived and discovered it was just family members attending, she became distressed and attempted to flee.

The author then shared her “best petty revenge” by instructing everyone to be extra nice to the ex-wife. She explained,

I asked everyone to be EXTRA nice to her. Every time she tried to sneak away someone would engage her in conversation. She was extremely uncomfortable, and ended up sitting down with her coat covering her.

This story illustrates the difficulties of managing past relationships during weddings. It can be difficult to decide who to invite, especially when there are children involved, and having a good relationship with an ex-spouse is essential. Unfortunately, not everyone handles these situations well – in this instance, the ex-wife’s behavior may have been inappropriate and caused discomfort for both the newlyweds and their guests.

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