Wedding limo explodes along highway as bridal party heads to reception

GRANDVILLE, Mich. — Perhaps it is normal to worry that a bride or groom will get cold feet leading up to their big day walking down the aisle, but for Brendan and Izzy Kiel, their concerns were over the bride’s feet becoming far too hot as the newlyweds stood along a highway Friday while their stretch limo burned nearby.

“I think we’re both just a little bit in shock,” Izzy told FOX 17 on Monday evening.

The stretch Hummer limo they hired to transport their wedding party from their wedding venue in Grand Rapids to their reception in Holland was forced to pull over along I-196 near Grandville Friday night after the engine began smoking.

The limo would quickly end up fully engulfed in flames and thick black smoke, leaving the wedding party scurrying into tall grass that lined the highway.

Couple celebrates wedding on side of the road after limo catches fire

Thankfully, everyone got through the unfortunate incident without even minor injuries. The limo company was able to send another vehicle, and the group made it to their wedding reception only minutes later than originally planned.

“It was crazy in our bridal party. They were on the side of the road taking pictures, videos … posing with the police officers, posing with the firefighters,” Brendan said.

“Nobody missed a beat. … Everybody just enjoyed it as if it was a planned part of the day.”

The pair, who are both 24 years old, met about 10 and a half years ago when they were in the eighth grade.

They grew up in St. Johns but are now settled in the Jackson area. He is an occupational therapist, and she just finished an internship for dietetics, planning to begin working full time in the very near future.

“Everything actually went perfect up until then. Nothing out of the ordinary happened. Everybody got ready in time. No major hiccups,” Brendan said about the beginning of their wedding day.

“It was actually laid back and really fun,” Izzy added.

They both say they are beyond thankful for the quick and generous efforts of the Ottawa County Sheriff’s Office, local firefighters who responded, and to the limo company that was able to get the wedding party a new vehicle without significant delay.

“This could have been so bad if we didn’t get out,” Izzy recalled.

“There was definitely a moment we were all, like, kind of just in shock with our jaws on the floor.”

While the couple hasn’t yet made plans for a honeymoon, they have made memories that will undoubtedly last a lifetime.

Right After the Limo Pulls Over

Andi B Photography

The Limo As Crews Battle the Blaze

Andi B Photography

Stretch Hummer After the Fire is Extinguished

Andi B Photography

The Newlyweds and an Ottawa Co Sheriff's Deputy On Scene

Andi B Photography

The Bride at their Reception With a Cup of her Melted Possessions

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