Woman With Disney Themed Home Offers It to Her Sister as a Wedding Venue With Unexpected Consequences | Alisha Starr | NewsBreak Original


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Have you ever heard of the term “Disney adult?” Essentially, it’s an adult that’s obsessed with Disney—oftentimes to the point of many people finding it odd.

The woman in this story says that she and her husband both love Disney and it’s a big part of their lives but they work hard to avoid being the typical “Disney adults” you often hear about.

They both worked at Disney in college and that’s actually where they met. So aside from growing up loving Disney movies, it’s sentimental to them as well. Because of this, they have many Disney items they keep around their home. She said they have things like blankets, funko pops, decorations, figurines, glassware, etc.

This isn’t normally an issue. But the property they live on has a barn that they’ve let a family member get married in before and now her sister wants to use it too.

The barn doesn’t have any bathrooms, so guests would have to go inside the first level of their home and use one of the two bathrooms available there.

Her sister is insisting that she remove all the Disney items from their home because she doesn’t want her guests to think it’s “tacky”.

An important point to note is the bathrooms themselves only have one Disney item: Winnie the Pooh hand towels. And she’s already agreed to replace them with regular hand towels for the big day.

But this wasn’t enough for her sister.

It’s not as simple as shoving stuff in a closet. We’d have to pack it up and find a place to store. The sheer amount would require at least 2 hours of packing. Not to mention storage and unpacking after. Two, it’s ridiculous to me. Who cares if people see?

She says that the fact they’re letting them use their barn as a wedding venue for free and decorating it the way they want for their wedding is enough and they shouldn’t have to go through all the extra work.

But her sister went and “whined” to their parents who are saying she needs to “grow up and take it down.”

The post detailing this story has amassed over 3.7k comments since it was posted eight days ago. Many of the comments are using Disney-related puns to explain why they think the sister is in the wrong.

One of the top comments says a good compromise would be forcing them to pay to rent porta-potties so none of the guests need to go inside their home at all.

They’re saving money on the venue, so this extra expense isn’t a big deal, and then no one has to see the Disney stuff that’s inside.

What do you think they should do?

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