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MARQUETTE, Mich. (WLUC) – Being the week of Thanksgiving, Upper Michigan Today wants to recognize the importance of practicing gratitude.

Dan Selling, a Manistique man with no shortage of “I love you”s shares why those three words mean so much. Taking a page from Selling’s book, UMT encourages you to tell someone you love them today and elaborate why.

Plus… Elizabeth Peterson is back at the co-host seat to update you on the day’s news.

If you didn’t already know, Negaunee varsity football is heading to Ford Field for a state-championship game this Friday, and you don’t have to drive to Detroit to show your support for the team.

Head coach Paul Jacobson is in the running for Coach of the Year, and you can vote for him once an hour until Saturday at detroitlions.com.

The importance of practicing gratitude, Negaunee football heads to state finals, and Ski Brule opens for the season.

And… three Marquette County business honors have teamed up to bring you Fresh Coast Elopement.

Together, Daniele Carol Photography, Samara Florals, and Fresh Coast Beauty can bring you the perfect elopement.

Daniele Carol Photography, Samara Floral, and Fresh Coast Beauty have teamed up to create elopement packages.

Jessica Mariin-Glomp of Fresh Coast Beauty will also act as the event planner and will help you customize your micro wedding to fit your exact needs.

Booking an elopement with Fresh Coast Beauty is like ordering from Doordash.

And if you’re really feeling up to it… you can get married on Upper Michigan Today!

Fresh Coast Elopement has offered a package to a couple that wants to get married LIVE on-air with Tia and Elizabeth as the officiants.

Contact Jess at Fresh Coast Beauty to book your elopement or to nominate yourself or a couple to receive a free package to be married on UMT.

To book your elopement, or to submit a couple for consideration for the UMT elopement package, contact Jess at freshcoastbeauty@gmail.com or visit her website www.freshcoastbeauty.com.

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