• You will be charged an additional 30% of your previous payment If you cancel/reschedule your reservation with over 48 hours notice from your booking date. 
  • You will be charged an additional 50% of your previous payment, If you cancel/reschedule your reservation within 24-48 hours notice from your booking date. 
  • All your previous payment will become a penalty If you cancel/reschedule your reservation within 24 hours notice from your booking date. You have to make another payment for your rescheduled bookings.


  • OVERTIME. Your booking begins the time you book for, no earlier, and ends the time it’s booked, no later. Please book appropriately. If you’ve gone over time, You will be charged every min. We will be charged a fee of half an hour if you exceed 15mins and a fee of one hour if you exceed 30mins.
  • EXTENSION: Please book in advance if you need extra time. if you need to extend your booking time, please contact our staff for more information. There is no guarantee that we will have extra time for you if you book extra time without booking in advance.


  • All the properties should be placed at the original place and the room should keep clean as before.
  • You have to pay an additional cleaning fee started from $50 according to the actual situation, if the room is messy and dirty when you finish shooting. 
  • Please protect our furniture, floor, and stairs carefully as the following instructions: 
    • Do not step on the furniture in shoes. Please use indoor shoes or shoe covers during Covid-19, Snowing/Raining weather, and any other necessary situation. 
    • Please lift all the furniture instead of dragging them on the floor or stairs when moving. Our staffs are happy to help you if you need. 
    • Please do not bring candles into the studio without glass/mental coverings or holders. 
    • Surfaces of floors, furniture, and stairs have to be covered when you have a cake smash, butter, wax, oil, water, or any other materials which leave the surface slippery. This will not only cause cleaning problems but also cause a safety problem. 
  • Please email us for written permission and arrangement if you need to open flame, dry ice, sparklers, or smoke machines. But we generally suggest you not to use the above products for safety concerns.
  • Please kindly book at least an additional one hour if you need to use materials hard to clean, such as confetti, fake snow, or feathers. The additional booking time is for cleaning and our staff will help you. But if you do not book the additional time, our staff will charge you at least $100 additional cleaning fee depending on the messy condition when checking the room before you finish your shooting. 
  • We will charge the cost of damages starting from $200.00 depending on the extent of the damage, if our staffs find damages to the floor, stairs, furniture, or any other studio equipment during your booking, including but not limited to break furniture leg, damage and leave deep scratches on the surface of furniture, floor, and stairs. 


  • We have free WI-FI, changing room, and restroom in our studio. You could find out the related information at our reception desk. 
  • We prepare a comfortable waiting area and coffee table in our common area for you. We sincerely hope you will spend a wonderful time with us. And please kindly help us to keep the common area clean and organized. 
  • Smoking, Vaping, Cannabis products are prohibited in our studio. And our staffs reserve the right to stop using any other productions that may cause discomfort in our studio. 
  • You have to agree and follow our damage and cleaning policy and our staff’s institutions to use our rooms and other properties.
  • Our studio is a friendly and artistic community for creating and celebrating. Please control the noise level, including your voice and music, to a reasonable volume. If you have any special requirements, please kindly email or call us ahead of your shooting to find out a solution.  
  • We currently do not provide any storage service. You have to bring all the belongings with you to the room you are shooting. Our studio is not responsible for any loss and damage in the common area or other rooms which you do not rent or use. If you need to deliver the properties before shooting or storage for long shooting, please email us for written permission, arrangement, and confirmation.
  • Please ask our staff’s assistance and follow their instruction if you need overhead lights in-room or other lights on properties.
  • Pornographic or violent shootings are prohibited in our studio.
  • Please do not visit rooms without booking or permission from our staff. We are pleased to offer a studio tour for you if you ask our reception first and our rooms are available
  • Our staff could stop any inappropriate behaviors in our studio, terminate your shooting and ask you to leave the studio immediately. So please follow all the studio policy and respect our staff and other customers.
  • The fire extinguisher is located at the main entrance of our studio.


  • Our current online booking is for photography purposes only. You could find a calendar which shows the most up-to-date availability on the booking page. According to your arrangement, you could book several rooms at a different time at the same time through our scheduling system.
  • If you need to hold events, please kindly call our studio at 647-924-7757 / 905-237-7757 or email us at directly for requesting quotations and booking appointments.
  • Online booking requests the full payment when you place your orders. We offer various payment methods including Gift Card, Visa, Mastercard, American Express, EMT and etc. If you have any problem with payment, please kindly contact us directly.


Espace Studio always put the health of our customer and employee at the first place. We will clean and disinfect before and after every booking. Max 10 people capacity in the studio. Please leave on time so the cleaner can do their job.  In order to keep everyone in a safe place, we will apply the following policy for protection:

  • Please kindly confirm that you did not have any symptoms of fever and cold and did not travel outside Ontario 14 days before booking.
  • A facial mask is requested to enter our studio. You may ask the reception desk for a free facial mask if you forget to take one.
  • Please use Hand Sanitizer we provided to clean your hand and put on shoe covers when entering our studio.
  • We will carefully clean and disinfect the room between two bookings, including open the window and door to clean air, apply disinfectant to high touch areas and surfaces and etc.
  • Our studio has enhanced our after-hour cleaning process in every possible way.
  • We will apply all the restrictions from the Government aiming to prevent Covid-19.