The Party Space Place opening micro-venue geared toward hosting weddings; located in former Shogun – The Owensboro Times

The Party Space Place is expanding next door by opening a new micro-venue, called Bayside, in the former Shogun location in the strip center on Wildcat Way. The venue, expected to open in January, will largely be geared toward hosting weddings and receptions but can be used for much more.

Owner Allyson Sanders said she is excited to bring a new option to Owensboro.

“It will bring a different type of vibe. It’s a little larger venue with an outdoor seating area, a bridal suite, and a prep kitchen. We want people to feel like they aren’t in Owensboro even though they are,” Sanders said. “There’s so many farms and barns, this is something different.”

Sanders said she hopes The Bayside of TPSP, LLC will become a one-stop shop for weddings.

“From setting someone up for their event and coordinating to decorating to be in their space, we can pretty much do it all,” Sanders said.

The name Bayside was inspired by their bay doors and the lake that is visible from the backside of the venue. The owners believe this venue offers something unique for their customers. 

Bayside will offer two defined areas — a space for cocktails and for a micro wedding. The area where cocktails can be set up can quickly be switched to a dance floor.

“It will be heavily used as a reception area, but it really comes down to whatever the client wants,” Sanders said.

Sanders is proud to be part of a family-owned business that was fortunate to find success even during the pandemic.

“We were one of the few startups that made its way though Covid even as other businesses were shutting down,” Sanders said. “We are a small family-owned business and we are proving that unique businesses still exist. Our family unit not only lives together and plays together but also works together.”

The goal is to have the space open and ready to go by the end of January.

“We are super excited about giving Owensboro something different,” Sanders said. “It’s something to be excited about, and offers a different perspective when it comes to celebrating ones.”

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