Organizing their wedding day

Wedding Planner service

A wedding planner is a professional who assists couples in planning and organizing their wedding day. Wedding planners have extensive knowledge and experience in various aspects of wedding preparation, including venue selection, budget management, vendor coordination, timeline creation, design and decor, and more. Their primary goal is to alleviate stress for the couple and ensure that their vision for the wedding comes to life smoothly.

Here are some key aspects of a wedding planner’s role and the services they typically provide:

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We ensure the day runs flawlessly. We discreetly manage your entire wedding day timeline so that you and your bridal party can focus & enjoying every moment.

  • Oversee set-up of ceremony and reception area
  • Supervise delivery of vendors (Florist, Baker, DJ, MC & Extras)
  • Provide use of wedding day emergency kit
  • Organize and cue bridal party for processional
  • Greet late-arriving guests and direct them to available seats
  • Move personal items from ceremony to reception site
  • Table number and chairs confirmation
  • Placing guest cads, escort cards and flavors
  • Placement of guest book and gift table arrangement
  • Organize and cute bridal party for grand entrance
  • Cue MC, bride and groom for protocol events
  • Collect personal items and ensure family members take them.



This package gives expert wedding planning and management of your wedding from start to finish.

  • List of pre-screened wedding vendors
  • Tailored client checklist and timeline
  • Review vendor contracts
  • Produce venue table and seating plans
  • Provide ceremony and reception venue design advice
  • Create transportation schedule
  • Create photography/videography schedule
  • Distribute detailed wedding day timelines to all vendors
  • Final headcount to venue communication
  • Confirmation of final details with vendors via email or telephone
  • Attend, manage and direct ceremony rehearsal
  • Manage reception timeline and schedule

I'd be happy to help you with information about wedding planning services!

  1. Initial Consultation: Wedding planners begin by meeting with the couple to understand their preferences, vision, and budget. This consultation helps the planner tailor their services to the couple’s needs.
  2. Budget Management: A wedding planner helps couples create and stick to a realistic budget. They allocate funds to different components of the wedding, recommend cost-saving strategies, and keep track of expenses.
  3. Vendor Coordination: Wedding planners have established relationships with various wedding vendors, such as photographers, caterers, florists, and musicians. They help couples find reputable vendors that match their style and budget.
  4. Venue Selection: Based on the couple’s preferences, a wedding planner suggests suitable venues for the ceremony and reception. They often accompany the couple on venue tours and negotiate contracts.
  5. Timeline Creation: Planners create a detailed timeline for the wedding day, outlining when each event will take place. This helps ensure a smooth flow of activities and minimizes the risk of any delays.
  6. Design and Decor: Wedding planners assist with designing the overall theme and style of the wedding. They help choose color palettes, decor elements, and other design aspects that align with the couple’s vision.
  7. Logistics Management: On the wedding day, the planner oversees the setup of the venue, manages vendor arrivals, and coordinates the timeline to ensure everything runs smoothly.
  8. Problem Solving: Should any unexpected issues arise, wedding planners are adept at finding solutions quickly, minimizing stress for the couple.
  9. Guest Coordination: Wedding planners can also assist with guest management, including seating arrangements, RSVP tracking, and accommodation recommendations.
  10. Wedding Rehearsal: Many wedding planners coordinate and lead the wedding rehearsal to ensure that everyone knows their roles and responsibilities.
  11. Destination Weddings: Some wedding planners specialize in arranging destination weddings, helping couples navigate the unique challenges of getting married in a different location.